It’s time to find out what’s inside Bitcoin (BTC)! As the producing of the launch of more and more crypto platforms continues, I’d like to tease all the interested with my in-depth review, you are in for specifics, a bit of history and other surprises.

what is bitcoin?

I thought it would be such a cool idea to share my research with you. The materials on the Internet was no different as I started my exploration, but I managed to reveal some details as I hadn’t known before. I haven’t operated operate blogs, but I think this is a good theme to develop.

The final description includes 2 components of the latter, you should differ the code and network: bitcoin-the-token, or virtual IOU, and bitcoin-the-protocol.

History of Bitcoin Creation

According to the official line, Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin, and implemented the first blockchain in 2009. When asked about what the person is, who has deployed first decentralized digital currency, likes to do, such details are wrapped up in mystery.

Can we trust the information drawn out of the P2P Foundation account? From where, we know he is Japanese, started working on btc currency from 2007, born on April 5th 1975. May it be a group of people, sheltering themselves behind the name? It is still an open question.

I would like to introduce another theory when the American group of cryptologists is responsible for BTC digital currency project. There is something appealing in each of the views, but they cause a mint of intrigue as received.

Difference From Traditional Currency

There’s something amazing when you are paying for things digitally, and it doesn’t require your physical presence because the latter ties you in to a place. In order to master the simple operations online, the involved parties will is simply the point and the problem to solve.

And, you don’t need a lot of knowledge to do that. You will, however, need to see some tutorials first to learn a unique approach to buying, selling, trading in crypto currency. Need more inspiration? So do I. Refer to the information about distinguishing features of BTC.


Well, it is decentralized, I revealed first and foremost when thinking over BTC investing. There are still no controllers over the crypto transactions, and no governments or banks are involved, except for the bitcoin open network, which is run by volunteer coders around the globe.


Why do I think it is AKA the exact sort of investing I need to make? It offers prospects, the long-term prospects. I’ll explain. More bitcoins trickle out like every hour, but the underlying algorithm has the limit, when it reaches 21 million, the deficit may result into a higher value of bitcoin. As of 2018, bitcoin in supply totals 17,100,000.

Increased Anonymity

To transfer bitcoin, you simply need to show the system your allowance of money access and availability of claimed funds, for what your wallet address is enough, and the previous protocols, aka the identity checks, will be examined for already further confirming of the validity of an asked operation. So, little information is needed to do that. This is, however, because the system is free from any central validator.


I am extraordinarily excited to welcome btc microtransactions and would list that feature into the crypto advantages over electronic money, bitcoin all alone won’t be enough to satisfy the whole world users, herewith the appearance of a satoshi, the unit worth is 0.00000001, is obviously justified.

How Does Bitcoin Work?

All things considered. I, a logistics manager, after revealing the digital currency background and other nuances followed, now is ready to share with you, my readers, the simple way to get started with Bitcoin with no need of your understanding of the technical details. The three-component structure is disclosed below:

  1. Balances: represented by a blockchain, enforced by cryptography.
  2. Transactions: aka mining between BTC wallets is ensured by a private key, aka seed.
  3. Processing: meeting agreements between computers on the system state by way of verifying the unique and unmodifiable blocks.

Stay tuned!