It’s time to talk crypto! Lucky for you, this time I prepared the material on the actual use of BTC. Here, I brought the “spiciest bits” of BTC buying process; with the ATM, or commercial brokers and mining, this is simplicity itself, but a way better to purchase it on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why so? What are your steps of buying BTC on these platforms? These are questions on which I’ll address myself in this review. But now, check out 3 things you should know before making such a purchase.

Create and Fund Your Account

invest in btc1. This is how you start: Form up an account on the exchange.
I’ve learned how to choose a platform. List of acceptable countries and proven security measures speak louder than words, so I look to what people brought to the field and handle this situation. And, others have done the same before; so, CEX.IO & Binance may give that boost you need. However, the choices are not limited.

But as I have mastered how to pick the reputable exchange, we keep going; how did I find signs, requirements helping rely on each other? Just in case you didn’t know, forgot or didn’t attach significance, you will need to check KYC (Know Your Client), AML (Anti Money Laundering) regulations to be well within the legal authority and safety. So did I.

PS. Is that you? Now about the case of identity, the exchange systems want to know you if it can confide in you too (it comes naturalyl): an ID photo, address will prove your identity and verify an account you want to register, having granted more rights for further manipulation, for example, crediting on the platform.
Here are 3 popular ways, based on my observations, to take an advantage of, primarily:

  • #1 wire transfers
  • #2 Paypal
  • #3 credit cards

They may serve you as a welcome sight too, by the way. The availability of the mechanisms add to the exchange rating.
Check out the applied fees (of payment option and bitcoin network) to learn more about charges and existing limits. These can be a fixed price per deposit or interest rate, varying from 1-5%.

While some things have yet to be developed, I dropped a few hints on trading in the review below.

Trade Bitcoin on Exchange

how to buy btc on exchange2. Trading. If you’re capable of carrying out the market with technical analyses before placing any order, go on visiting trading platforms to benefit from daily price movements. Hold on if you aren’t experienced user. For each operation, you’ll be charged, so buy or sell order faster.

Keep reading my explanation for more details.

Check Diverse Indicators

I feel that knowing more of long-standing price influencers is important as it’s a “great way to keep abreast of the things” which help you become an effective trend trader.

  • MA – Moving Averages
  • MACD – Moving Average Convergence Divergence
  • RCI – Relative Strength Index
  • OBV – On-Balance Volume

MA, MACD, RCI and OBV indicators may but not must simplify information about a price, they more likely make signals.

Select the Order Type

For selecting an order type, you get Stop, Limit and Market options. Some are speculating about the crypto value, but that’s not new for us — plus there are features of each order type which help maintain the ratio. There are specific conditions under which they are active.

Market – immediate purchase or sale at running market prices, used in preference for surety of execution.

Limits – buy/sell a focus is a security at a specific price, used when the trader wishes controlling the price rather than surety of the desired execution.

Stop – buy/sell a stock once a value of the stock amounts at specified price, aka “stop price”

Withdraw BTC

buy BTC with bitcoinAnyone that has ever been considering withdrawing BTC, I always said kinda wait until someone is done it. I wanna see what this experience is like. The best practice. The moment you no longer want to buy them or hold on the platform.

If it is enough of you of taking the risk, store BTC into your wallet (should be created) as: Blockchain, Trezor, Electrum, Mycelium, GreenBits, Jaxx, and Ledger Nano S to name a few. Still, you should differ the sorts of wallets: hot, desktop, online web, mobile, hardware, cold (preferred).

The last mentioned is available only when the transaction is going, otherwise, it i s offline and unavailable for hackers, but you might already know it.You know what I say, behind every withdraw is a good investing! First things first.