First, you make a search and pick the most popular cryptocurrency to have a deal with. Then comes the following question. How to buy that very token online? Reading this article, you are going to meet the leading and the best ways of purchasing Litecoins using various payment methods.

Virtual exchange houses offer different banking options, including credit cards, electronic wallets, wire and bank transfers, cash, other altcoins. Follow the review and we will examine each of them separately. This theory may be of use when you enter your trusted platform and decide to get the electronic coins.

Purchase Litecoin with Credit Card

buy LTC with credir cardWith the Litecoin popularity growth, numerous platforms started supporting this digital money. At that rate, people from nearly all over the world are able to buy the tokens with debit and credit cards easily. Each site is open for a certain number of countries, and whether your location is in the list you are to find out in the T&C.

For instance, Coinbase platform welcomes everyone from the USA, Europe and Canada. Besides, it provides 3.75% fee on the transactions. Such global sites as Coinmama and CEX.IO comes with approximately 6% and 3.5% taxes respectively. Another portal created for European users is BitPanda and its taxes on credit card transfers make 5% of the sum.

Get LTC with e-Wallet

buy LTC with e-walletThere is also another popular way of online purchasing – electronic wallets. The most used and actual ones are Skrill and PayPal. As I have already mentioned BitPanda, I can’t but mention that you can buy Litecoin with Skrill there. The fees can vary, so, they are simply included into the final price of the coin.

Unhappily, you do not have an opportunity to own Litecoin with PayPal directly. The only mean is to use the banking method for getting Bitcoin first. To tell the truth, this process is also pretty effort- and time-consuming. Yet, at that rate, you can exchange one altcoin for another one.

Buy Litecoin with Cash

buy LTC with cashIf you want to acquire the digital money with cash, you’d better think of another variant. Yet, there exists no site to permiss you getting Litecoin with fiat currency. Instead, you need to take BTC first.

One of the most used platforms for that is LocalBitcoins site. Owning BTC with cash, you can then exchange the tokens for the ones you desire. This scheme works for all unclear cases.

Get LTC with Wire and Bank Transfers

buy LTC with wire transferDepending on the platform you select, there are various conditions. For instance, BitPanda is located in Australia, is one of the top crypto brokerage services today. This site makes it possible for you to get LTC using SEPA transfer, being anywhere in Europe.

Speaking about CEX.IO, there are even more opportunities. You can get the desired coin via your bank account. Once you are from the USA, this is all about wire transfer; Europeans are able to use SEPA, while all the others can freely utilize SWIFT payments. Do not forget to check fee and transaction time.

Purchase Litecoin with Another Crypto

buy LTC with bitcoinOnce you already own Bitcoin, this is very easy to make it become Litecoin 😉 Actually, all you need is the exchange house with a pair Bitcoin/Litecoin to convert the tokens. This is a very popular combo to trade, so, there shouldn’t occur any problem. One of the largest services providing this opportunity is Binance.

There, you are also able alsoto relish the pair of Litecoin/Ethereum. Swapping the coins is as simple as that. Another popular service is Changelly. It provides fast and convenient operations, which do not require much effort. Just pick the desired currencies and within 30 minutes, your litecoins will be credited to your wallet.