how to buy rippleToday’s crypto world is chock full of chaos, starting with the least interesting thing going on right now: a coin variety. XRP appeared to be “dark-horse candidate”, the money is really “breaking the digital markets”, having shown a 30% growth in the price.

To see if you may be reconciled to a fact that it is run by a for-profit private company, I suggest the list of Ripple selling points, having taken a shape along with my study:

  • swift: 1,500 transactions a second;
  • trustful: collaborates with over 100 banks; added to London Block Exchange;
  • valuable: high trading volume;
  • affordable: XRP – $0.862129, comparatively lower fees;
  • powerful: draws an interest of investors;
  • reliable: capped at 100 billion.

Buying Ripple on Exchanges

how to buy ripple on exchangeBuying, and even selling, Ripple through an exchange platform couldn’t be any easier, I can confirm. Though according to my research, there are far better places to store the cryptocurrency. Even so I took the liberty of revealing main steps for mastering the  option of buying and selling XRP is automated for you.

I mapped out a course of action, intended to demystify the rules through the easily understandable guide below:

  • certify the identity;
  • add credits by 3 popular ways: link the bank account; payment service;
  • make a fiat/crypto deposit;
  • make a “buy order”: fill in the amount of XRP you want to purchase;
  • confirm the operation by pressing on “buy”.

Meanwhile, more and more exchanges are developing options for their users of marketing and limiting (which are the thing if you wish to buy Ripple with the best or fixed market prices respectively.

Getting XRP Through Direct Trade

buy ripple by direct tradeAnd I found some serious evidence of better having Ripple by way of Direct Trade with help from other investors through Cointal platform. You won’t be limited in a diversity of banking methods; debit, credit, PayPal, bank wire, even gift cards, all are in.

  • head to the homepage of service platform;
  • enroll a desired XRP amount to receive + sum in $ you are willing to spend;
  • make an offer search throughout the suggested list;
  • filter it upon criteria: buy/sell, payment option, local currencies;
  • go for feedback before making a final decision;
  • register your account;
  • make a “buy” on the chosen trade page when logged in;
  • start a dialog with a seller and discuss the features of completion.

However, the web site is still paying for their “screw-up” in the security system which only time and safety improvement had been able to solve. Still, I was shocked to hear that and think you should be aware of the situation too.

Purchasing With Other Crypto

buy ripple with bitcoinIt’s currently unknown what is behind the third way of buying Ripple. It sort of the steps outside a traditional format of purchasing, so this is a chance to be a bit more experimental in the way (thru ETH and BTC) I offer to make it: use a service similar to or this one – Changelly – to perform direct trade assets.